Welcome to from Epiphany Counseling Service

Epiphany Counseling Service is a privately owned mental health practice for people of all ages. As an agency, we seek to provide clients with a community-like atmosphere in order to assist people struggling with mental illness, emotional difficulties, and behavioral challenges. By a variety of services including cognitive behavioral therapy, individualized treatment planning, educational services, social support, and more, Epiphany hopes to provide quality services that meet the needs of the consumers within the community.

At Epiphany, we value our clients’ ability to make positive changes and believe that through self-empowerment and guidance, our clients will be able to follow through and maintain change.

Our Mission 

At Epiphany Counseling Service, we seek to facilitate change in those in need that lasts and improves their current way of living. Through guidance, support, education, and encouragement, we hope to improve the lives of those we service, starting with the way they think and feel in order for them to implement new behaviors in every aspect of life.

Coming Soon... 

New Day Bright Futures Academy at Epiphany

A Therapeutic private school for children with developmental, social, and emotional difficulties.

Now accepting registrations for January and August 2019!

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