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Epiphany Counseling Service is a privately owned mental health practice for people of all ages. As an agency, we seek to provide clients with a community-like atmosphere in order to assist people struggling with mental illness, emotional difficulties, and behavioral challenges. By a variety of services including cognitive behavioral therapy, individualized treatment planning, educational services, social support, and more, Epiphany hopes to provide quality services that meet the needs of the consumers within the community.

At Epiphany, we value our clients’ ability to make positive changes and believe that through self-empowerment and guidance, our clients will be able to follow through and maintain change.

Inspiring Our Youth!

The HOPS Program is group therapy for children and adolescents designed to not only teach new skills, but give children the opportunity to safely try new skills and ways of functioning in a supportive and encouraging environment. 

In groups ages 6-17, youth are encouraged to participate in activities that will improve social skills, anger management, communication, ability to follow directions, ability to lead, and much more!

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In this month's edition we talk about ways to help you handle stress on little to no budget. The group discusses common stressors, best practices, setting goals and positive affirmations. 

We also discuss ways in which Women's Circle brings women together in order for them to build a stronger sense of self and community!

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Interested in Parenting Training? 

Epiphany Counseling Service is excited to announce the first Calm Parenting Training Class this Spring!

More information to come!!

Classes are forming around your child's age groups so contact us now for more information!

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Coming SOON!! 

Epiphany in Ohio!

Want to Inspire a Teen to do well?

The HOPS program encourages youth to work towards a more positive future and provide them with opportunities to try and to experience new things. Adolescence is a difficult time burdened with peer pressure, overwhelming school work, and emotional changes. We want to encourage our youth to stay focused on a more positive and long-term goal. By touring different colleges and seeing different places, we hope to inspire youth to set healthy goals and make positive choices.

We will be traveling from Connecticut through to South Carolina and back, exploring at least one college per day. Participants will participate in activities after the tours to help them identify long term goals and plan for their futures with optimism in order to inspire them for the future and encourage them to make healthier choices in the present. 

Want to send your child? Interested in donating for another teen to go? Click the button and request more information.

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